I have recently read various letters to the editor in our paper on the two presidential candidates. I found it interesting that many of them did not even mention the issue of coronavirus 19 in spite of the fact that the majority of American adults know at least one person who got the virus and our country leads the world in the official number of cases and deaths, and there is no cure.

Now again we see the increase in cases continuing to set new records daily and our president continues to say we should not worry because we are rounding the corner. A radiologist, with no training in epidemics, has convinced the president that herd immunity is the way to go and we should not try to control the pandemic in spite of the fact that epidemic specialists oppose herd immunity with their high death rates.

During this pandemic, we see the president and the Republican Party will be at the Supreme Court in two weeks to try to have “Obama Care”/Affordable Care Act repealed, including the protection from pre-existing conditions with nothing to replace it. I guess we will not have a dozen doctors taking care of all of us at Walter Reed like President Trump benefited from at the taxpayers’ $600,000 expense and experimental drug combinations.

If President Trump is so great in providing justice for all, why have so many of the people associated with his campaign and administration been charged with crimes, pled guilty and gone to jail? Why then does the president punish whistleblowers, like Lt. Col. Vindman, and others who disclosed embarrassing or illegal actions by the president or his supporters while he uses his powers to reduce the punishment for his followers?

If the president wants justice and fairness, why did he send “red states” more support to fight the virus than they even asked for while he sent less support than what the “blue states” had requested? Oh, and how are those children brought to the U.S. by their parents and put in cages receiving justice with hundreds never seeing their parents again?

At a time when our country is so divided with political and cultural differences, we need a president that will be a unifier to pull our country together rather than divide us for his own re-election purposes. Watching President Trump’s rallies with cries of “lock her up” and “fake news” does not sound unifying. Numerous Republicans have formed groups, such as the Lincoln Project and Defending Democracy Together, to oppose President Trump’s re-election. The list of American retired generals and former U.S. attorneys opposing his re-election is also numerous and impressive. So, I guess he is doing a lot to unite us, but it is in opposition to his re-election.

Some people wrote feeling that President Trump was more honest and less self-centered than Vice President Biden. If that is true, why have the number of lies the president has made while he has been in office number in the thousands? Even when he is shown videos of his lying, he continues to deny that he said the accusations. Why is anything in the news that he does not like always “fake news”?

Now President Trump is even criticizing Fox News and Attorney General Barr. Have you seen any of the numbers on what the taxpayers have paid the Trump Company when the president stays on his own properties with his Secret Service entourage? Taxpayers have spent over $1,100,000 to pay Trump properties for the president’s frequent trips to his own properties with rooms and golf carts. Some places they even pay for room rentals all the time because they do not know when they will need the rooms. Why did the president oppose moving the FBI building to the suburbs for a cost savings—to keep out any competition to his nearby hotel?

If security is important to you, remember who many of the generals, security personnel and former US Attorneys support for president — Joe Biden. Remember that the head of the FBI, appointed by President Trump, states that the biggest threat in the U.S. is domestic terrorism while President Trump seems to be supporting and encouraging these groups and downplaying their risk like he downplays coronavirus. How can our economy come back strong when we are not dealing with the virus that is devastating our economy?

A mask, even if it is a pain in many ways, has been proven to reduce the spread of the virus. Do your job — mask up. And those of you on Social Security, remember President Trump’s actions have been projected to continue and will have Social Security cut benefits by 50 percent in 2025 rather than reductions in 2035.

I think Joe Biden will help unite our country and our allies to make us stronger as we work together not just for our own benefits but also for a country of which we can be proud. Wear your mask. Be proud of whom you vote for.

Lowell Johnson