It’s bad enough we’ve been subjected to the 21,000-plus lies of President Trump, we’re also insulted by QAnon conspiracy theories embraced by Trump who welcomes the Q followers at his rallies. What is this crazy stuff?

Not surprisingly it hearkens back to Nazi propaganda that brought about the Holocaust. It was titled the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and was written by Russian anti-Semites in 1902. It embraced the threat of a Satan-worshiping mob that kidnapped, slaughtered and ate white children to gain power from their blood. Yes, really.

Of course, after the horrors of the Holocaust the world declared "never again.'' But talk is cheap. Here we are once more. Different time, different place but same manifesto. QAnon is today’s radical right-wing movement which promotes the ghoulish Protocols propaganda of the previous century by rebranding the message as their own with modern details added.

According to Wikipedia, QAnon promotes a conspiracy theory of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring which is plotting against Trump whereby a day of reckoning will come with the eventual arrest of journalists and politicians. Is this a joke? No, QAnon followers appear at Trump’s rallies on a regular basis because they believe Trump will rescue the country from this cockeyed cart of cow manure.

Why don’t we hear more about this? QAnon is so lamebrained, so laughable, so ludicrous that the mainstream media seldom bring it up out of sheer embarrassment because reasonable people feel downright uncomfortable. Nevertheless Trump and Republicans encourage the latest QAnon rumor because they know it gets them the support of wacky QAnon followers.

Our country has real problems and doesn’t need freakish mysticism consuming our politics. But Trump will do anything to win and if that means spreading evil fairy tales, he’s eager to do so.

Gloria Weidner


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