Recently, a letter was printed in the Daily Journal comparing President Trump to the president of Brazil and blaming him for the Amazon fires.

Sorry; the person who wrote the letter was wrong.

The wildfires being started in the Amazon are being started by people who want the land to graze their animals.

The Brazilian president is weak and lacks the intelligence and the will to do anything to stop this.

President Trump has offered help to Brazil to fight the fires, not start them, but the Brazilian president has refused the help.

The reader calls Trump a dictator who would refuse election results. Last time I checked, it’s Hillary Clinton and a lot of Democrats who have refused the results of the last election. Maybe the writer of the letter is one of them.

As for Trump being a “madman,” wrong again.

It’s the Democrats who are acting like “madmen” by supporting abortion up to the point, and even in some cases, after birth.

It’s Democrats who have dreamed up the Trump-Russian collusion and, even though four investigations have proven beyond a doubt there was no collusion, still run around squawking like chickens that Trump had to collude with Russia.

When it comes to relaxing gun control rules, wrong again.

He has stated he is willing to work with Dems to come up with a solution to stop gun violence.

As for the religious right sympathizing with his view on guns, sorry, but many many Democrats share the same view.

As for stopping Trump, we could vote in a Democrat who will take more and more money out of our paychecks to pay for “free college,” “free daycare,” a guaranteed paycheck for the able-bodied lazy, a nation where only the politically rich can fly on jets, cause energy rates to skyrocket with the Green Deal and an economy where jobs go back overseas and more and more people lose their jobs.

If that’s what the writer of the letter wants, then, by all means, vote for a Democrat.

Thanks much and have a great day.

Les Hedger


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