Voting 2020 election: "Never Again" pledge.

Never again shut down the economy or call for business closures against the will of the owners because of an epidemic.

Never again allow the state to close parks, walking paths, beaches or other public recreation facilities because of an epidemic.

Never again allow wholesale shut down of large public gatherings at sporting events, etc. because of an epidemic (I especially should have mentioned churches and schools.)

If a candidate won't pledge that they don't deserve our votes.

If listening to various governors and mayors whine about the "rights" of the few needed to be protected, no matter what it does to "many" who will be the real victims of thoughtless government action hasn't alerted you to the fact that "we are being led by children" who haven't learned to face life with all it's challenges, then you haven't matured yet and should never run for office either.

We are free, a thinking people.

We can protect ourselves and choose for ourselves what we are going to participate in.

Now, in addition to a virus, we have protesters who provide cover for rioters who can't take "yes" for an answer.

No matter how much authorities do to display to the public that the perps in the death of George Floyd will be held responsible, they keep protesting and disrupting (and yes destroying) life for the average "innocent" American.

Governors and mayors across the nation (mainly Democrat) keep telling us they have a right to protest.

We don't have a right, nor do police or other instruments of law enforcement have a right to have our property or lives protected?

Make those who want to display their righteousness through political office sign a pledge in blood --  never again to allow a lockdown of businesses and public facilities because of a virus or to allow thugs to take over a protest and vandalize, loot and take innocent lives because they are "offended."

Ron Hansen


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