Life in America — future.

We have huddled at home, shuttered nonessential businesses, avoided contact with the elderly and compromised, missed two months of church services and the fellowship we enjoy in services and Bible studies, canceled major sporting events, festivals, annual holiday celebrations, family gatherings, etc. For what?

Unemployment two months ago at record lows, now at record highs.

Depression, suicides, deaths from postponed surgeries and other medical procedures, checkups, missed mortgage and rent payments, disruption to our food supply with rising prices, schools, colleges closing down and the "luxury" of well-paid "experts" telling us we're "flattening the curve."

Sorry (not); this isn't the America I grew up in, and this isn't the America most of us want to continue in.

The America I love is a vibrant "Can-do" America, taking on challenges and winning. The America the Democrats, the media, academia and government bureaucrats/politicians want is a dismal, drab America, joyless, faithless and panhandling from it.

About 4,500 years ago, a group of people gathered around a mountain that seemed to be on fire with smoke, lightning and thunder emanating from it.

Choose you now whom you will serve:

Do you want to serve the fear mongers who are bankrupting America and stealing our dreams? Remember, those who seem to "love" the lockdowns are those not losing a paycheck.

Those agitating for laissez-faire (do as you please), let the people decide at their own risk, not some faceless bureaucrat or full of themselves politician when we go back to work, play and how we do it are the ones I follow and support.

Ron Hansen


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