One more thing being swept under the rug and ignored by the news media (except Fox) and was refused to be dealt with, by Obama big time and Bush 43 paid very little attention to is the issue of sex trafficking in America.

Yes, what amounts to modern day slavery is happening not only in third world countries and despotic regimes, but here in America. We have 300,000 victims a year across the nation and about 76,000 of those per year in Texas, one of the main points of illegal entry into the United States.

These aren't just older teenagers and young women.  The average age is 12 to be abducted and forced into sex slavery.

The average stay in the system is seven years and the primary exit is death.

Girls only? These animals look for pre-pubescent boys which is becoming a larger percentage of this barbaric, dehumanizing trade.

This is happening in America, and politicians won't enforce border security, eliminate sanctuary cities or proper screening of who comes into the country?

Mother Theresa said, "A society that cannot protect its children has failed."

I viewed an hour long interview with Mark Levin on "Life, Liberty and Levin." It was with the producer of the film, (eight hours), which should be required viewing for every church leader and government official. I came away totally appalled by the information I received which I listed partially above.

You can find out much more on his website,

Jaco Booyens, whose own sister was abducted at age 13, has been trying to bring this to the attention of American leaders for a decade.

President Obama was no help whatsoever.

President Trump has mobilized I.C.E. and other agencies to go after these ghouls, escaped from hell. (This is another great reason to vote for him).

America, each of us has a duty to do whatever it takes to make sure our children don't have their innocence taken from them.

Ron Hansen


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