It ain't over til the Fat Lady sings and she's about to!!

Gen. Flynn was entrapped into making a false statement because he misremembered or misstated something the FBI already knew.

They also didn't tell him the interview was to investigate him to produce possible criminal charges. They acted like it was a good old boy visit.

It isn't the role of the FBI or any law enforcement agency to produce crimes, but rather to investigate them and recommend prosecution when enough proof has been established there is one.

Sydney Powell, Gen. Flynn's pro-bono lawyer, didn't manufacture the malfeasance on the part of the FBI, they did it all on their own.

Citizens in America have a right to believe that they are innocent until proven guilty, not that the government is going to set you up to commit a crime.

Sydney Powell also isn't the only one to think that Robert Mueller ran a flawed investigation after he realized that there was no Russian collusion or that people associated with President Trump had no contact with Russia on behalf of the campaign, nor did the presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. (That has been the attitude of 50 percent of the country. The Democrats, media, corrupt intelligence agents, other law enforcement and D.C. bureaucrats are on the other side of the argument.)

Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn's attorney, has done what the law firm that broke him financially did not -- actually made the FBI produce the documents that provided exculpatory evidence of his innocence.

This is the same thing she had to do in the Arthur Anderson case involving some of the same government attorneys when Enron was prosecuted.

The same thing she had to do to get Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska exonerated when prosecuted by the same sleazy attorneys.

Why don't we ever ask why these attorneys are not disbarred?

Now, the 53 people who testified before Schiff's committee have had their transcripts released and guess what, none of them testified to any wrong doing on the Trump campaign's part, the candidate or associates of it. Now, the question is, why did Schiff and Mueller continue their probes which culminated in a failed impeachment attempt?

Answer: Because they could and they wanted A. To get rid of Donald Trump as president or B. dirty him up to the point where he would be ineffective as president. They failed!

Now the question is, when will Mueller, Schiff, McGabe, Comey, Strozk, Page, Clapper, Brennan and others be indicted? (Maybe, former President Obama?)

When will the media look at the great work done by Sydney Powell, Attorney General Barr, Durham and others taking down the cabal of those trying to destroy justice in America and herald them?

When will Pulitzer Prizes for false reporting be taken away from journalists?

We will we see won't we!

Ron Hansen


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