Judged by the "Supremes'' (60' and 70's group) or the Supreme Court --"Which is best"?

Alexander Hamilton said "The Judiciary is the weakest branch of government."

Well! -- Smirking Chief Justice Roberts, the amicable "textual" Neal Gorsuch and the four reliable liberal democrats on the court seem to think Hamilton was wrong or certainly couldn't see the future.

Neal Gorsuch in his opinion on granting LGBTQ employees "civil rights" under a law written in 1964 that did not address these issues would say to Hamilton, "Au Contraire" we can write law or add to laws already on the books.

Chief Justice Roberts in saying that President Trump can't alter or end DACA because we don't like the way he did it is saying:

"When a President (Obama) makes an executive order we like, and you President Trump try to end it under your constitutional powers, we on the Court can rise up in our indignation, and without the power and force of the Constitution which you have, to stop you!"

I'll take the Supremes who may never have read the Constitution over a group of judges who ignore it.

It's time to use the clause on judges in the Constitution which says they can serve only while exhibiting "good behavior."

I don't think ignoring the Constitution and their prescribed limits is "good behavior."

Ron Hansen


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