A few weeks ago when I was in Kankakee running errands I noticed a man and woman standing by a stoplight on Route 50. They each had a sign stating “honk if you support the police.’’ I immediately laid on my horn.

As I drove home I had time to reflect on the sad situation we now have in our large American cities. The looting and burning of community stores, the toppling of statues and the assault of America’s police officers. I have seen reports on television of the police shot and killed, lasers shone into their eyes to blind them, clubbed with baseball bats, hit with frozen water bottles, rocks and bricks. Totally unacceptable and very sad.

The police are here to protect us and we should show them the respect they deserve.

God bless that couple for standing up for the beleaguered police force. If someone would organize a rally to walk down the streets of Kankakee count me in. Even though I am 80 years old, I can still walk and hold a sign supporting our police. How unacceptable to see signs saying “defund the police.’’

I am a silent supporter of this beautiful country I live in. I have decided it is time to speak up. Wake up America before this country is taken away from us. Sand up for your beliefs and vote.

God bless America and God bless our beautiful American flag.

Dee Bergan


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