The current virus pandemic should cause everyone to take a good look at their financial, physical and mental habits. In the past, occasionally our existence may have been inconvenienced or upset by events that adversely affected those habits. But for Americans it has been a long time since any event has actually caused so much disruption in our lives.

Financially, many individuals of great wealth will see their monies vastly diminished. Some may be left with an amount that the average American only dreams of accumulating. The saying that you should save for a rainy day has never been so important as now with the situation that the virus has caused. We are in the middle of a torrential downpour, and our financial habits will either aid us in monetarily surviving or possibly devastating our future. Socialism, especially in the long term, will prove to be as hideous as the virus. We need to frugally handle our finances and learn to distinguish the wide difference between needing something or wanting it.

Physically the virus affects everybody on the planet. At this point, there is no indication of a vaccine or cure being soon available. Thus far, "social distancing'' seems to offer the best defense against being a victim of the virus. Hopefully, the citizenry will become more aware of their health parameters and act accordingly.

Occasionally, we have sometimes quarantined ourselves from mental distractions. But it is difficult to accept that we must refrain from socializing. However, if the virus is best handled through "safe distancing'' than we must toughen our mental resolve.

At this point, we don;t know how long this virus will hold us in its grip. Look inward at your financial, physical and mental habits and adjust where needed.

Norman E. Pounder


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