Politics has no place in a judicial retention election. The focus must solely be on the character of the person seeking retention, and whether they have properly discharged the duties of their office.

As lawyers and retired judges, we support the retention of Justice Thomas Kilbride. Tom Kilbride’s actions, both before and after he became a justice of the Supreme Court, show both his good character and his dedication to his judicial duties and to the people of this state. The decisions he has made, although not pleasing to everyone, have been based in the law.

In our circuit, he has acted quickly to fill judicial vacancies and has appointed qualified persons, regardless of their party affiliation. Justice Kilbride has been a good friend and supporter of the 21st Judicial Circuit, both Kankakee and Iroquois counties

Now it is time for us to support him. Please vote to retain Justice Kilbride as our Supreme Court Justice.


Gordon Lustfeldt, 21st Circuit Judge, retired

Susan S. Tungate, 21st Circuit Judge, retired