City employees are paid by taxpayer local citizen dollars. Usually these jobs come with better than average retirement benefits also.

With this in mind, that makes me ask, “ just who are these employees?” They do all the functions of government. Some front and center and some deep behind the scenes.

I want to know that those who get my tax dollars are decent, moral people that portray a positive citizen model when not at work. I do not for one second feel that nasty, racist, hateful white men and women shine a positive light on the community that pays their salary.

Racism, all racism, should be publicly shunned and pointed out if we don’t see it, so we can shun it too. These people should be removed from public service.

Racism is like a drunk driver and no one should allow it in their community. Racists also make bad neighbors. Put them on a garbage heap and let them figure out how they can all live together.

Racists are also cowards, belly crawlers, who will never admit their ugliness because even they know that they are despicable people where the masses are concerned.

That’s why we must collectively as a community begin to point them out, call them out, and push them out of our city government payroll.

Monica Schrack


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