Recession? Dose of truth:

Recessions are slowdowns (temporary) in the economy. They are bound to happen, because what goes up, must of necessity come down somewhat from time to time.

Permanent ascension upward has never happened anywhere at anytime because once in a while you have to catch your breath and regroup your resources to use them to their greatest effect.

The MSM's, the Bill Maher's, the Democrats of the world predicting and hoping for a recession, are really wishing the markets, the economy would tank and we would in reality go into depression.

They won't use the word depression because then we would know they are truly malevolent Trump haters and haters of middle America which gets hurt worse in major recessions/depressions.

Is it good or bad that America makes more of its stuff here and our homegrown workers get the jobs making it?

Is it good or bad when America protects its vital industries so that in case of emergencies (war?) we don't have to rely on China, Saudi Arabia or anyone else to make sure we have what we need to field a fighting force?

I realize that America education has dumbed us down since World War II and made us ashamed of being the "big dog" with the big stick, keeping the peace in the world, but when you look at the weak basket case or tyrannical countries around the world, it is the U.S., not "them" that is going to keep the world free and safe from tyranny.

 Ron Hansen


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