Is it true the recent separation agreement between the Unit 9 superintendent and Unit 9 Board of Education could’ve been avoided if the board members had thoroughly investigated the background of the candidate before hiring him?

Evidently they based his employment solely on the recommendation of the search committee. Is it true residents of his former school district told some enterprising Watsekans that they were more than happy to see him leave to take the Watseka job? Is it true our “administrative team” and local school board have made some bad decisions in the hiring and firing of school personnel?

Now they have to fill this position with an interim superintendent which will probably cost more money. And, is it also true that a separation agreement implies some sort of a buyout? I think the board needs to show some transparency to the public about the reasons behind this decision.

 Is it true they have created academic positions to acquire specific individuals to fill certain other positions, such as coaching sports? Is it true they rehired a former administrator as interim building principal until the Student Services Director obtains her administrative certificate and takes the position? And is it also true this arrangement has been approved yet again for next year?

Is it true the No. 1 priority of the “administrative team” and school board should be to provide every Unit 9 student with the best possible education and school environment? Is it true to meet that objective that they hire the best available personnel and try to maintain the best faculty and staff at their disposal? Is it true that the current “administrative team” and board members are now proposing to riff a P.E. position at the junior high while leaving the high school P.E. department intact with currently four active P.E. teachers? If cuts are to be made they should be made across the board ( pardon the pun).

Are they also planning to replace that junior high teacher with an aide and move the teacher to the elementary level to fill an impending vacancy, and also hire another aide? Another local district tried the same P.E. aide experiment and it has proved to be a disaster.

Is it true that teachers are more than just numbers and resources to be moved around like pawns on a chessboard based on the whims of administrators? And finally, the only “team” an administrator and board member should deem important is each building of students and teachers. And remember, there is No “I” in “Team?” Students, faculty, and staff should always be consulted and dealt with openly, honestly, fairly, and professionally.

John Graham

Retired former Woodland and Glenn Raymond instrumental music director

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