J.B. Pritzker, “All lives matter,” and other lies.

The pandemic is bad but the daily dose of hypocrisy from our governor is worse. Starting with the above, pandering remark, as complete nonsense when we recall his record on abortion. Granted, Gov. Rauner’s decision to support taxpayer funded abortion on demand ensured his defeat. But J.B. took it a step further, eliminating 44-year-old safeguards, like waiting periods, spousal consent which jeopardizes notice rights of parents of minor children.

The new law makes it easier for filthy clinics to stay open, as they have, when other, “elective surgeries” like getting a tooth pulled are forbidden. All the while costing this state $2.4 million as J.B. refused Title X grants because President Trump enforced a decades old law that federal monies support actual family planning centers, and faith based resources for women, that can’t encourage the ending of a life. According to the Illinois Family Institute our nation has lost 105,165 to the Communist China virus and 362,811 to abortion since 2020 began. Illinois will account for over 40,000 of that number if the 4,000 per year increase that was seen after the above laws were enacted continues

“We’re in this together.” Uttered as his family traveled to Florida and Wisconsin to tend to horses. So the wealthiest politician in the U.S., who is one of 11 billionaires in his family doesn’t have staff to do this? Do as he says not as he does. Like, “follow the rules or face consequences.” What were his consequences when he cheated Illinois out of taxes by taking the toilets out of one of the many mansions? “This is necessary to keep Illinoisans safe.” How safe do you feel now that thousands of prison inmates are suddenly free? Sixty-four were murderers and at least one was a rapist of a 12-year-old. And how many of those were involved in what he calls, “nonviolent protest.”

Finally, his five-phase plan to bring us forward. Other leaders with five-phase plans to do the same; Stalin, Chairman Mao, etc. Just an observation. All of this from a person who only carried 16 Illinoiscounties, yet all suffer under his tyranny. We do have a few options though. Illinois law only allows for a 30-day executive emergency action, and even during that time his rules were not enforceable by law, but certainly not after that time has expired. The General Assembly, which met (yet church attendance is limited?) could impeach over this offense. Unlikely! We can recall the governor or just wait possible years, if ever, for his vaccine to “return to normal.” This existence we find ourselves in is normal if we allow it to be.

Dan Huse


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