Why does President Trump connect with the common man? How is that a New York billionaire has the ability to reach into the hearts of millions of common people and get them to run in droves to his rallies, and ultimately throng to the polls to vote for him?

Whereas, Joe Biden, the man who has common roots, can't hardly draw an ounce of enthusiasm from those same common men?

No one can reasonably argue with that dichotomy, so let me share what is in the hearts and minds of this enthusiastic Trump voter and his compatriots.

President Trump loves America. He wants to see the promise and the goodness of America restored. He has unapologetically stood up for our country, and that is opposite from the expression we got from President Obama. Many of us still believe in the founding wisdom and goodness given to us by our forefathers.

He is a leader. He gets things done. 

He kept his promises. He appointed judges that interpret the Constitution based on the founder's intent. He gave us tax cuts that brought a booming economy, he secured the U.S. border, and he believes that a baby is a baby (a fact the left has never followed the science on). Furthermore, he has removed us from an insane Iran nuclear deal, supports Israel, and refuses to send our soldiers into unnecessary wars.

He shares our values and our interests. The First and Second amendments (and all the rest) are real to him like they are to us. It is his loud cry of "let freedom ring again'' that gives us hope.

While on the other hand, I have watched Joe Biden for 30 years. First of all, he is not the uniter that he claims to be. He can be quite partisan. Secondly, he has become a flip-flopper and has a history of plagiarizing. Thirdly, he is a big government man. Finally, he and his family became wealthy through being in politics. He is a hardly man of the people. 

Joe Biden in Washington — 47 years of it. Donald Trump is truly the common man in this race.

Samuel Ristow

Cissna Park