"The Freedom Song''

Where have all the hero's gone?

Who is left to sing the freedom song?

Who will march into hell for a heavenly cause to win?

When we become a "United'' States again?

Let freedom ringĀ 

Hear children sing

Teach them the freedom song

Teach them right from wrong

Let us make an allegiance to be right

Instead of divided and out of sight

Let us join together and make a pledge instead

"God Bless America'' and "United'' we stand

"God Bless America'' and "United'' we stand

Why would I write a poem like this? Because I see us as a fallen nation and I believe that there is less shame in failing then in failing to rise. Let us rise up and and aim for a world of peace, hope and love towards ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our nation and our God. Amen.

Ruth Thornton