Well, it seems that Joe Biden and the Democrats have made up a new term to bad mouth President Trump. That word is "climate arsonist" whereby they blame Trump for all the wildfires and are trying to make us believe that global warming is causing these wildfires.

Wrong. These fires are mostly caused by states not thinning their forests, using controlled burns, and maintaining fire lanes. These states don't do this because they think it makes forest creatures "homeless." That's complete nonsense. As for greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UK-based Carbon Brief, greenhouse emissions in the United States have been decreasing since their peak in 2005.

In 2019, greenhouse gas emissions in the United States decreased by 2 percent. Emissions in the E.U. have also been decreasing. In 2019, over 5 million trees were planted in our national forests, double from the year before. This is one way to keep CO2 down. Unfortunately, countries like China and India have kept increasing their output of greenhouse gases. Last time I checked, the president of the United States has no control over these countries.

Maybe Biden thinks differently. And lastly, from 2009-2015, when Obama and Biden were in charge, over 475 million acres of land was destroyed by wildfires in this country. Using Biden and the Democrats' logic, these were the fault of President Obama and Vice President Biden.

In reality, you cannot blame any president for wildfires. Thanks and have a great day.

Les Hedger


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