I am a "white nationalist.''

Nationalistic for America that is.

What's wrong with being nationalistic whether you're white, brown, black, yellow, red or pink with green polka dots? Being "nationalistic" as in "patriotic" American is what counts.

Aren't we allowed to be proud of our country and want it to come out on top as far as trade, standard of living, freedom, rights, wars and all the other important areas that affect our lives?

Now, white Supremacist, black supremacist or any other kind of supremacist that presumes you and others like you are superior to all others not like you, that's another thing.

That's racism or ethnic supremacy where you think you have a right to put others down or push them out of the way because of inherent superiority.

That's not granted to me or you by God and shouldn't be by any government.

I hope, that no matter our skin color or ethnicity, we as Americans are all nationalists.

Forget the "fake news media'' trying to paint America and Trump voters as evil by calling us nationalists and then trying to infer we're supremacists.

Ron Hansen 



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