Special Counsel Robert Mueller served honorably by all reports as a Marine Corps Officer in Vietnam.

He received the Purple Heart, The Bronze Star and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry which leads me to believe his three years of service were honorable.

Question: What the Hell happened?

As FBI Director under Obama he oversaw and was complicit in the Hillary Clinton arranged sale of vast amounts of our Uranium Reserves to Russia. He reportedly was the "bagman" who delivered an ore sample to the Kremlin.

The Clinton foundation, a pass-through make believe benevolent organization received $145 million in donations from Russians after the consummation of the deal.

Before that, as a DOJ Attorney tasked with investigating the notorious Whitey Bulger, head of the Boston Winter Hill gang that ran roughshod over the law committing numerous murders and being involved in several illegal activities, Mueller and his cohorts were more interested in protecting Bulger to gather information for their investigation than getting him locked up.

During the investigation it is well established that four innocent men were framed with a murder Bulger or his henchmen committed.

Two of the four died in prison and two were let out after nearly 20 years and were awarded $104 million for wrongful convictions.

Mueller as part of the investigative team and later FBI director had to know what was going on.

Now, he knew early on that President Trump and none of his team had colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 election.

He spent nearly two years on endless investigations with absolutely no obstruction by President Trump or his team.

This investigation certainly doomed the Republicans of any chance to hold the House given the turmoil and the cloud over the presidency.

Wednesday, the 29th of May, 2019, he doubled down and acted like a petulant, back-stabbing brat instead of a respected law enforcement officer.

He held the president to a higher standard under our criminal justice system than allowed, said he couldn't declare him innocent and encouraged the House of Representatives Democrats to use other means to convict the president.

This isn't America or American justice where we have a presumption of innocence where crime is suspected.

This is Russia, China and Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

Mueller and his team should be ashamed.

The Democrats in the House should get to work on legislation to help the country, not tear it apart for the sake of partisan politics.

I am proud to be an American, but deeply ashamed of the antics of our Justice Department led by the likes of Robert Mueller.

Ron Hansen


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