Last night, while sitting here in my peaceful, quiet home, I was enjoying reading my (Daily) Journal. Page after page of interesting articles, this and that catching my eye, and the Sports section. "Oh, yes!"

Then to the last page where the "letters to the editor'' section is found. I always look for this one person's letters. I find him clear, honest and right to the point.

But what captured my eye was the cartoon picture of "justice'' hanging in a jail cell. The next second I was on the verge of tears. This world has been sliding down so fast, but it is that bad?

I'm 87 and living here in this area my whole life, of course I've seen so many changes in the scenery, but that's called progress. I guess I'm old fashioned, but I miss some of the old scenery.

But the other changes in our way of life is what saddens me. Whatever happened to things like: truth, honesty, caring, respect, modesty, faithfulness? Most senior citizens of today grew up with these words guiding us into fulfilling, enjoyable lives.

Of course, there were problems along the way. Nobody I knew had a problem-free life, but those virtues helped us stay on the right path, and if you walked with the Lord by your side, His love and strength helped you get through anything. It's still this way today.

Some of the good old days were truly good old days.

Losi McQuillin


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