Today’s liberals like to run around screaming that Republicans are “waging a war on women” when, in reality, it’s Democrats who are waging war on little babies.

Recently, governors in States like New York, Virginia and Illinois have gotten laws passed making it easier to kill babies before or even after they are born. In New York the governor even had the Empire State building lit up to celebrate easier abortions while the governor of Virginia went on TV to calmly explain how a little baby would be killed after it was born if the mother agreed to it.

Liberals like to call people who disagree with abortion such names as “hateful” “Nazis” and “racists.” In fact, nothing can be more hateful than killing little babies. In Nazi Germany, the Nazis killed Jewish babies and used them for experiments. Today’s liberals are all in favor of killing little babies and using them for stem cell research.

When you look at the number of black babies aborted, it’s clear to see that it is today’s liberals who are the racists. Liberals can get away with this because they have the loudest mouths and will shout down anyone who disagrees with them, and they also have the mean spirited liberal news media behind them who’s only job seems to be to shove the liberal agenda down everyone’s throats.

Isn’t it ironic that many liberals used to call our returning military from Vietnam “baby killers,” when they were not, and it is today’s liberals who are the real baby killers.

Les Hedger


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