I take the health of our community personally. As a health care administrator, I strive to be sure our staff is following current guidelines during COVID-19 to keep themselves, their families, and our fragile patients safe and healthy.

It is with concern that I see the posts by so many government, community, businesses, and local health care organizations showing pictures of a group of people without masks. The first thing is the visual impact. It feels uncomfortable seeing people in ads or on social media not following guidelines.

For community leaders, it is your responsibility to set the tone and be a good example to members of our community if you ever want to see the economy go back to normal. For businesses, if I walk into your establishment and do not see your staff wearing masks properly (chin straps do not count), I will no longer be doing business with you. For health care providers, I will be changing who I go to in the future. Pretending things are back to normal is wishful thinking.

It also matters what you post when you are outside of work. If I see pictures of you enjoying a meal or drink shoulder to shoulder with several other people on your off-time, I know where you work and will be less likely to frequent that business. What every single person does right now matters. Please be responsible and respectful of the health of everyone around you. This cannot go away without your help.

Connie Lemon


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