Although not yet in office, President-elect Biden is getting pressure from various groups concerning whom he should appoint to various positions in his administration. These people are acting as if the Biden administration owes special attention to their demands because they voted for him.

The only thing he owes any of us is to appoint the most honest, reliable and competent individuals available regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation. Appointing such individuals is the only means to help assure fairness and justice for all our people. 

I realize that the abominable racial history of our country has produced a deep-seated trepidation regarding government on the part of minority groups. This distrust has only been exacerbated by the Trump administration's blatant racism and xenophobia, and most recently, the abhorrent decision to not prosecute the policeman who shot an unarmed Jacob Blake seven times in the back. The treatment of Black Lives Matter protesters compared to that of the seditious mob at our nation's capital is yet another of unequal protection based on racial bigotry.

This suspicion of government can only be overcome by members of all government institutions displaying integrity in their pursuit of fairness and justice for all. The operative word in the previous sentence is the word "all,' no exceptions because of race, gender, sexual orientation or financial means. Only by such action can we hope to correct the divisions and injustices of the past.

The egregious immorality of slavery and other racist attitudes still haunts us today. It is an albatross around the neck of the social fabric of our country. Until we rid ourselves of all remnants of this condition we will never achieve the hopes of our founding fathers of domestic tranquility and equality. I am not saying all our founding fathers were unblemished examples of lives exemplifying social justice. Their words and actions were often contradictory and enigmatic, however, they did establish a republic based on the ideals of equality, fairness and justice for all.

Al Matheis