Wow! The ignorance of the Illinois state leadership is astounding. Those people and those surrounding them haven’t a clue. The continuing of our state shut down is not only stupid, it is ridiculous. They shut down the schools when 95 percent of the young people are asympomatic or have mild symptoms (99 percent have nearly none), then they shut down any business, they, alone deem to be “non-essential” (but not the liquor and marijuana stores). These guys are basically making decisions on errant models that are similar to the “global warming” models that predicted the world would end in 2012. Thank you, Al Gore.

Most of these guys never had an education in science, or a teacher who taught them the fundamentals of scientific method. They should be given an “F.” They ignore the fact that outdoor parks, golf courses, fishing and other activities in the sunshine would be good for everyone. They are too intellectually challenged to realize that the continued “stay at home” status will increase alcoholism, suicide, lack of needed medical procedures, treatments for heart issues, etc. are ignored. They are ruling politicians and must dictate.

And where did the “lock down’’ model come from? China! Did they bother to look at what Sweden did? While our problems increase, they blather on about “lowering the curve” for a virus now no worse than others that invaded us in past years. Through it all, they have not focused on the nursing homes where people are most vulnerable. What kind of people have we elected? Or, what idiots have those people put in their bureaucracies?

With the state already in financial despair, it’s time to open it up. It’s no wonder people want to leave. When you raise the registration of a boat trailer and utility trailer by 500 percent and then ask people to vote for a graduated tax increase, because you say it’s just against the “rich” who believes you? Every poor sap that would vote for this is going to see their taxes rise regardless of their income. The politicians know that the average earner is where the revenue is, and that’s where their pool of money will come from. But they don’t want you to know. No wonder then people are fleeing this state.

Bill Benner


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