Is my new address Venezuela, Illinois? We have no jobs, no toilet paper, meat shortages and must stay home with a mask also short on brains.

Seven of 102 counties in Illinois vote these same control freaks to run this whole state. Do not fall prey to the tyranny of the negative headlines written by Pritzker, Lightfoot, and Madigan. Give me my life back, I am not a ward of the state of Chicago, Venezuela. You know we have been annexed as part of Chicago 10 years ago when we got Jesse Jackson, Jr. as our representative.

Every business is essential, every person is essential. Was slavery right? No. Was Japan interment camps in the USA right? No. Is Illinois internment home confinement right? No.

I want reparation from Pritzker, Lightfoot and Madigan, the three lords of us flies. I honor first respinders but I also honor our last responders.

Churches and funeral homes which Illinois says are none essential. Proper end of life ceremonies are essential for family and friends of ones we love. This China Fear Flu is a virus that came here in December undetected and what was different about it was zero immunity to it which meant it would spread like wildfire. January to May 1 no masks. Then May 1 masks are mandatory This is political control to take our liberty away. Remember Valley Forge, two-thirds of our soldiers died from the flu. Did George Washington go home? No.

I keep hearing we need to go by the data and science well this has been way wrong from day one. Dr. Fauci said in January-February there is a small chance of a pandemic but in 2017 he said “ There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the areana of infectious diseases.”

Then July 2018 a friend of Fauci, Bill Gates said in the Atlantic Magazine “The next plaque is coming is America Ready? “ What did they know, follow the money. George Carlin said, “ Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” I look forward to a Trump-Biden debate. It will be like Trump with 5G and Biden with dial-up.

Bill Owens

Grant Park

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