Has Ron Jackson lost his mind? He’s pretending to believe made up vile lies from Biden donors re: the nonsense that the most pro-military president in years said hurtful things on a trip to Europe.

John Bolton, on record, is one of many who say President Trump did not say any such hurtful comments directed at veterans. It’s election year bologna. Mr. Jackson is the loser here. He was willfully suckered by Biden donors/supporters.

The next editorial from Dennis Marek was the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. He really said, “keep a Republican senate but vote for Biden. The American way.” Surely Mr. Marek knows that Donald J. Trump was elected to get something done for the American people and to drain the swamp. We’re sick of do-nothing politicians like the Clintons, Bidens and Obamas, who become wealthy while in office or because of the office. If Mr. Marek hasn’t noticed, Donald Trump puts the American people and America first. As it should be. Building wealth the way it should be — by working hard.

The American people are hardworking and were thriving before the Chinese virus and we will get through this pandemic and forced shut down. I’m a coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter. I had a paper route and began babysitting at age 12. I’m a proud, hard-working, God-fearing American who will vote, in person, on Nov. 3, for Donald J. Trump.

Thank God Alan Webber’s column is now printed on Saturday. “Protest on your own dime” was brilliant as always.

Delena Smith


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