I like to read or listen to both sides of any topic or debate. But the hateful rhetoric of Alan Webber and Michelle Malkin etc. is too much for even me.

I'm not a Democrat or Republican, I vote for the person I think most qualified to represent the people and the United States. The articles they write are so hateful and disproportionate that that only stoke political division, just like Trump.

They have a myopic view on anything to do with the Democrats and absolutely hate Obama. And they have to get off Clinton...she's gone and gone. The hate they convey in their articles make me think they have nightmares about her. Get over it already. Try to unite the country and not rip it apart.

I personally think Trump is a disruptor, creating political division and breaking and weakening the power of the federal government from within. He has changed the world's view of what America stands for. 

I want to thank people like Kate Lauffer, Joe Turner, Stephen Harman, Richard Joyce, Terry Long, and John Hassett for their opinions and letters to Voice of the People. I have never met them but they gave me the courage to write this letter.

I also agree with a former writer to Voice of the People. If I have to read one more Ron Hansen letter with his preaching and quotes from he Bible taken completely out of context just to prove a point, I might have to write another letter so I don't have nightmares.

Agatha-Merle Karns


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