It saddens me to see that the State of Illinois is pouring another $162 million into the proposed Peotone/South Suburban Airport.

This unneeded, politically driven project will now continue to disrupt the lives and reduce the property value of residents living in and around the proposed site. Not only that, but when the project fails, taxpayers will be left holding the bag, since the state will back the bonds developers use (borrow) to build the project. This is after the state entices a developer with offers of free land, tax incentives, and other goodies, in addition to paying for the surrounding infrastructure, starting with $150 million for a new unneeded interchange on I-57, upgrading of Eagle Lake Rd., etc.

None of this budgeted money should actually be spent until (1) a major airline commits to using the project; (2) a developer for this public/private partnership is found that does not demand outrageous governmental giveaways; (3) the FAA gives final approval for the project. Of course, the first two of these stipulations will never happen.

I had hoped Gov. Pritzker would not have provided funding for this boondoggle. But it is rare indeed when a high level Illinois elected official does the right thing rather than succumb to the demands of powerful politically connected forces, no matter how misguided, wasteful, or absurd a project may be.

George Ochsenfeld


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