With all the conspiracy and hoax accusations floating around regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly without scientific or historical consensus of proof, it appears the Earth is endangered by a new strain of Fact-Endangered Humans!

The dilemma of achieving “herd immunity” to COVID-19 via vaccine or personal exposure to the virus with a minimum loss of life in a manner not overwhelming health-care facilities nor causing economic hardships is not easily solved. However, the misinformation and outright untruths being spread greatly hinders achieving these goals.

Interglobal cooperation with other countries in developing effective and safe vaccines is needed to achieve “herd immunity” in the shortest period of time enabling us to return to the freedoms we have enjoyed and to economic stability.

We’re in a chaotic time resulting from the virus pandemic as well as from trade issues with other countries. Many have lost jobs, many positions are being eliminated and will not be needed in the future due to adjustments by manufacturing and service connected industries. With 7.5 billion people on Earth and 335 million in the United States, cooperation with other countries appears to be our best opportunity to return to economic prosperity.

Charlie Grotevant


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