By "are they serious", I mean do they really in their hearts of hearts, in their innermost rational beings believe the things they teach?

I have stated that what Darwinisms, evolution-ism, etc. claims is unknowable. They have no fossil record for their claims, no positive way to substantiate their billions of years and slow ever-changing processes to work.

We only see life coming from life and kind after kind, with no experiments available to show one species could evolve into another.

These people aren't stupid. They are, many of them brilliant and they teach in our elementary, secondary schools and colleges and universities.

I am posting again in defense of the Bible and creationism to make the rational arguments on the basis of science. (To know or have facts to back up what we believe and teach.)

Let me begin with what we know especially in light of the electron microscope and the hidden world of atoms being explored.

1. All matter when broken down to its smallest elements is "energy.'' Yes, swirls of what we named "quarks" and what seem to be only wisps of "energy". Where did energy come from and why is it still present in all organic and inorganic forms of matter? (God who we cannot see "spoke" all things into existence?)

2. In humans and all living things we have a DNA string that if it could be extracted from every cell in your body would stretch to the moon and back several times. That DNA string contains information (a non-physical element that is a product of a mind. Much like your thoughts.) Dr George C. Williams in his book, "The Third Culture" (1994) admits that matter (DNA) and information are not the same thing. The information can only be produced by a "mind" it appears and since the DNA reliably passes on information where did that information initially come from?

Just as ink and paper represent and transmit thoughts, the information is stored elsewhere and the ink and paper are only the transmitters.

3. Irreducible Complexity; Each nucleus in each cell of the human body we now know contains more information the 30 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. That isn't "all" the cells combined, that is each cell of which there are trillions. (I here invite, implore you to pick up a copy of Michael Behe's 1990's book, "Darwin's Black Box") Behe is a molecular biologist who lays out clearly what was then known. We know more now.

The facts are: We cannot ascribe the complexity in our own bodies, life around us and the inorganic world to blind chance.

The human eye function which Behe describes brilliantly should make us stand up and sing "How Great Thou Art" We are truly "curiously and wondrously made."

This has gotten long, but the points are valid.

You can investigate them for yourselves.

The point is, we need to quit rejecting God, the Bible and the invaluable guide to living He has given us because of a false teaching called Evolution.

Ron Hansen


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