A conservative man comes home from work to find his liberal wife in bed with another man. ''I can't believe you're cheating on me!'' he exclaims. The young lover leaves and the liberal wife calmly states ''My dear, what are you talking about? There's simply no evidence that I'm cheating on you. You just need to settle down while I make dinner.'' The conservative husband protests, but she holds her ground, telling him there was no one there and he could not have seen what he is proclaiming.

This is where we are with the 2020 election. Your paper, the Associated Press, even Adam Kinzinger, spreads the narrative ''there was no evidence of election fraud.''

Yet clearly there was, in many states. The constitution requires state legislatures to set the rules for elections, but in many states the legislature was circumvented as governors, local commissioners, and others outside the legislature changed the rules of their elections on the fly. It's not the outcome of the election that has many of us outraged, it is the way the election was held and the way we are being treated and lied to in the aftermath. And our fear is we will continue to be ignored, unheard, and maligned by this new administration, our representatives and the press. We're not stupid, and we know what we saw.

Patrick McLean