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In response to Patrick McLean’s letter (Daily Journal Jan. 9, 2021) the writer speaks of election fraud.

First off, I am not a Republican or Democrat. I my 44 years of voting, I have always voted for the person I believe is the best qualified for the office they are running for. Secondly, I am not pro Trump or anti Trump, nor am I pro Biden or anti Biden. The biggest difference in this presidential election came down to COVID-19, and many voters across the country decided to vote by mail (myself included) to avoid crowds and not risk being infected, making this election the largest ever when it came to mail-in voting.

That said, courts in multiple states have rejected claims of widespread voter fraud due to not having any evidence of fraud. Many of the states that rejected these claims completed recounts (Georgia counted 3 times), and no evidence of voter fraud was found. Court after court also rejected these claims, and many courts, including the United States Supreme Court, have judges who were appointed by President Trump, and they still rejected the same claims over and over again.

The writer also mentions that in many states, the legislature was circumvented by governors and local commissioners by changing the rules of their elections on the fly. Still, no evidence has been provided. It seems that the result of the election is what has so many Americans outraged, not the way it was held, or how people are being treated or lied to. The writer also states that we're not stupid, and we know what we saw. Turns out the courts didn’t see what the writer claims to have seen.

It is long past time to put the election of 2020 behind us, and move forward the best we can as a country. No one is going to a perfect candidate or office holder, and no candidate will ever be able to please everyone, even in their own party. Republicans fight amongst one another, and so do Democrats.

Let us all try and move forward from the election. One candidate won and one candidate lost. It happens in every election, on local, county, state and national levels.

Daniel Barry