I have been meaning for sometime to put my thoughts on the pandemic in print but hesitated thinking that those who are in agreement are the choir, and I am afraid it’s too late for those who would deny the obvious. It may only prove to be cathartic, but here goes.

As I see it the issues that have brought about this situation with China fall into three broad categories.

First of all, big businesses never ending attempt to increase their bottom line have them continually looking for the cheapest labor market. Initially, many factories moved from then north to the southern states where “right to work’’ laws predominate. They then moved to Mexico. Finally, those who found it economically feasible moved to China.

Unions must share part of the blame for the exodus of manufacturing from the United States. I understand the goals of unions is to improve the lot of their membership, but too often their demands have made it economically feasible to seek cheaper labor markets elsewhere.

Finally, and maybe the greatest contributor to our loss of American manufacturing jobs is the American consumer. We refused and continue to refuse to buy American made products and shop at the local “mom and pop’’ stores in order to save a few dollars giving no thought to the loss of American jobs. Then one hears some of the same people complain that everything is made in China, and they can’t find any products made in America. Walt Kelly’s phrase, “We have met the enemy and he is us,’’ seems apropos.

You might be asking what does the loss of American manufacturing jobs to China have to do with the pandemic. Daily thousands of Americans are traveling to and from China conducting business. Whether the virus was intentionally or accidentally released by the Chinese communists as a biological weapon or it originated by some other means matters not. The fact we are conducting business with a communist country that has no respect for human rights including those of their own citizenry should surprise no one when tragedy strikes.

One would hope that our future will be different, but knowing the short attention spans of most Americans and the lies, omissions and half truths by the mainstream media, I am not terribly optimistic,

Raymond E. Eads


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