This is the kind of news that I read the Daily Journal for. It pertains to this area and involves local people. You make it easy for people to reach you by putting your name, photo, email, and phone number.

If I knew how to reach Ms. Clark of Skokie, or Ms. Slater of Winnetka, I'd ask them what prompted you two to attend this (Kankakee) County Board meeting. Did anyone pay you or sponsor you?

I believe Mike Downey handled it well. As he said, the county didn't write the legislation and in fact I believe they are just fulfilling their sworn duty. If the county has space to legally hold illegal aliens they are within the law to do so. Any county has that right and responsibility to uphold the law as written. It's not their job to interpret it or to decide which laws they will or will not enforce.

The added bonus for Kankakee County is to maximize the utility of a fixed assets such as a jail. If one does not want to be arrested or detained in Kankakee County then obey the law. If you can't or won't do yourself a favor and stay out of this county.

Thanks for your work on this article.

Bob Knoop


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