One time 300-plus plus pound Gerald Nadler, a House representative and chair of the Judiciary Committee, claims to have a right to see six years of President Trump's tax returns and to investigate all of his business dealings as far back as he wants to go.

Just in case of criminality!

Someone needs to inform the wacky, once overweight guy who apparently lost not only waistline but brain cells, that "oversight" doesn't include fishing expeditions into the past of an elected president for something he might have done.

Our Constitution in the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments protects not only ordinary American citizens, but all of us from undue searches, seizures and invasions of privacy.

These amendments help to make us all truly equal under the law.

You do not become unequal because you're president, nor does it give you the right to be lawless as president.

Rep. Nadler and the Democrats should read and consider the Constitution before they make all their demands.

It is a waste of our time and an abuse of their power to demand documents and then sift through them "looking" for a crime or an omission.

I hope President Trump and everyone who has been subpoenaed by Nadler's committee blows them off.

They are well within their rights.

Ron Hansen


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