I did not know Dennis Marek wrote comedy. I laughed because every thing from Hitler to staying in office more terms was what me and my circle said about Obama for eight years.

Obie played a lot of golf but he had Valerie, David and Eric running the office. He was just asked to give a pretty speech. I guess Nancy, Chuck and Siftty are truth tellers? Another laugh. You have spent four years with your hatred for Trump on repeat and it is good for a chuckle.

You also say Republicans have no plan to replace Obamacareless. Wrong. Before the China flu my insurance guy told me about it. Check out csteventucker.wordpress.com. Then you added Epstein but forgot to add Bill Gates and Bill Clinton to the list. Then Russia helped Trump win the election. No facts just empty words. Singing the same song for four years.

Wishes for 2020:

1. Dino Dennis stops crying in his Kool-Aid it is as salty as his opinion.

2. In Illinois, let's get every Trump voter to vote 100% and Dems 40%. We turn Illinois red.

2. We must reelect Trump or this country will be finished as we love it and the world needs the USA as founded, not a communist China version. Wait till Biden gets in and puts Bato as Gun czar. FOID cards will be mandatory in every state and only a single shotgun will be sold. FOID card. Still waiting since June 6 for mine and it may be two more months. They are now taking six months to process.

Bill Owens


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