School choice: Is it actually possible with the money following the students?

This is what President Trump is promising on the campaign trail.

Is it possible?

Yes. Will it be easy? No.

Why? The vested interests of the teacher's unions and the millions associated with our current corrupted public education system.

First, aside from private, religious or home-schooling, how is it possible to escape the current system and get a quality education for your child?

These are either too expensive or burdensome for many parents, especially when both parents work.

Here's the solution: It's been proven over and over again, especially in our poor inner-city schools dominated by minority students.

What is it? Charter schools.

Yes, an idea that has been around for a long time and, guess what, has been wildly successful where it is allowed to operate outside the restrictions and mind-killing curriculum of the public schools.

They also have (gasp) discipline. 

In New York, Texas, California, etc., where they've been allowed to establish, sharing the same buildings and the same population to draw from, KIPP's, Success Academy, Explore, The Indian Schools, etc. in California, have all achieved extraordinary success in the two cores to students being able to learn, be trainable and make their way in society -- reading and math. 

They continually have placed four to five times as many students in the top tier of learners as public schools.

Why? Discipline the students and parents appreciate and a no-nonsense approach to the foundation of education -- reading, language skills, writing and mathematics.

Read Thomas Sowell's excellent analysis of charter school success in his new book, "Charter Schools and Their Enemies."

Enemies, you say; who would oppose success for our children?

Look no further than the public school unions and their friends in the state legislature and governor's offices.

These are the ones constantly throwing up obstacles to prevent more charter schools being established. (At about two-thirds or less the cost per student as public schools).

Why? They can't stand competition to their system, overpaid bureaucracy and ideological outlook.

A Trump administration has and will support what's best for our students, not administrators and teachers who should be improving their skills, not squelching competition.

Ron Hansen


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