Bring back dueling!

The lowlife press, the despicable Democrats and even some "Never-Trump Republicans'' can't accept the good news that Mexico is actually responding to the tariff threat by doing things that will protect our southern border from the flood of illegals we've experienced since Congress and the courts proved they were for, not against, illegal immigration.

All they did before the agreement was lament how harmful and useless the tariffs on Mexico would be.

How utterly foolish and inept President Trump was.

How he was conflating economic policy with foreign policy and was a dunce for doing so.

Now, the bozos are saying the deal isn't as good as it looks.

The deal was "baked in the cake" months ago and Trump is just now pulling it out to make himself look good.

These nattering nabobs of destructiveness don't give a fig about the welfare and future of average Americans.

(Of course if we had an honest media that cared anything at all about the truth these idiots wouldn't lie their heads off all the time. Maybe we do need stronger libel and slander laws).

They only know they hate Trump and anything that makes him and his administration successful.

The only way to shut them up?

Make them actually face the consequences of their lying, hateful rhetoric.

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and the scheming, lying press corps wouldn't be so full of bravado if they knew they'd have to face a musket ball hurtling at them.

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