The unthinkable is happening and there’s no recognizable solution. The slash and burn of the rainforests carried out by President Bolsonaro of Brazil, is reinforced, endorsed even energized by President Trump.

These two deviants are virtual twins. Bolsonaro is nicknamed the ‘Trump of the Tropics’ because of copycat behavior, such as insulting the appearance of the French president’s wife just as Trump insulted Cruz’s wife. Who says such a thing? Both Trump and Bolsonaro, obnoxious to the excess, that’s who.

The similarities between Trump and Bolsonaro are uncanny. Bolsonaro, a dictator wannabe who won unexpectedly, stated beforehand that he would refuse election results if he lost; he promotes gun ownership by relaxing gun laws; the religious right sympathizes with his views.

Emboldened by Trump, Bolsonaro set the rainforests ablaze literally and figuratively. Brazil’s politics are wrapped in greed and clothed with racism and the indigenous people claiming ownership to the burning jungle are the tragic losers. Not only are Trump and Bolsonaro consumed by the lure of excessive riches, their hearts and souls are steeped in bigotry for good measure.

The result is two malicious madmen, one encouraging the other, for the world to grapple with. Bolsonaro insists on Brazil’s sovereign right to develop the rainforests. Trump combines flat-earther evangelism with his own personal gluttony as stated at the G7 summit “I’m not going to lose that wealth.” These words reveal Trump’s policies aren’t entirely motivated by climate denial after all, but rather unadulterated greed --consequences be damned.

How can we stop this spread of Trumpism? The Amazon is on fire and the genie can’t be stuffed back into the bottle. By electing Trump in 2016, we’ve sparked that blaze and it’s impossible to reverse the damage. We’ve chosen a deadly path toward a grim future.

Gloria Weidner


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