Who do you blame?

If you catch the virus, whose fault is it? Is it the government’s fault? Is it the president’s fault, or the governor’s fault, or the mayor’s fault, or is it your fault?

We all know what the very basic safety protocols are. For months they have been on every television news program every day, in every newspaper every day and on social media every day. Although, some of the things on social media are pretty far-fetched.

1. Wear a mask when you are out and about.

2. Practice social distancing when you are out and about.

3. Avoid crowds and other large gatherings, particularity if some of the people are not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

4. Wash your hands.

All these things are completely in your control.

If you do all these things and still catch the virus, now who do you blame? You probably caught it from a family member, a close friend or an associate at work. They probably did not know they had the virus when it was transferred to you. They probably caught the virus from a similar group as yourself, which means that to trace it back to the individual who originally passed it on is extremely difficult or impossible. But you still want to blame someone. Government is a handy scapegoat. However, government didn’t give you the virus, people did. So what do you do now?

I would suggest that you stop stressing yourself with trying to access blame and plan to be more diligent in practicing the safety protocols. Also encourage your family, friends and associates to do the same.

No matter what you, your family, friends and associates do, there will always be those who won’t. We can only try to avoid them.

Charles Stinnett