When our country was attacked at Pearl Harbor, this country united and defeated the enemy. Today within our country it is being attacked with much destruction to the basic fibers of this nation, such as great men who had the foresight to the future problems facing this country.

The demands to make amends to the Constitution or completely change it is outrageous. Have we and are elected men and women become a bunch of wimps? Shame, shame on all the companies and organizations for changing their names along with logos. All these protesters who want a socialistic or communist government along with those demanding above and beyond normal rights would not be allowed to protest.

Look at what is happening to Hong Kong. China set the COVID-19 virus loose at this designated time of our voting to distract our government by undermining the financial sector, also the entire world to take land away from their bordering countries such as India.

Wake up, America. We can still be the sleeping giant to all enemies within or outside our great country. As our monies state, β€œIn God We Trust,’’ let us remain the beacon of many freedoms, especially for freedom of speech, but not freedom for any kind of violence.

Janet Hartman

St. Anne

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