Aren't the Democrats amazing?

They spent the last four years crying about illegal immigrant children being locked in cages yet they say it's OK to murder babies before, and even after, they are born.

They spent the last four years stating that any accusation of election tampering must be investigated which they did all four years of Trump's presidency and now they are telling us to shut up about investigating possible voter fraud in this election.

They spent the last four years saying it was their patriotic duty to disagree with President Trump and the Republicans yet, now they are telling us that anyone who disagrees with them must be reprogrammed.

They constantly complain and blame Republicans for high gas prices now they are doing everything they can with executive orders to make gas prices go much higher.

They told us that riots and looting by liberal groups like Antifa and BLM were acceptable because it was in the name of social justice yet they faked outrage when conservatives rioted at the Capitol Building.

Yes, the Democrat Party is one amazing party. They used to be known as "The Party that cares about the American Worker." Now they are "The Party that sticks it to the American People."

Thank you and have a great day.

Les Hedger