(A) patient, paternal response for David Giuliani who lacks age, experience and skill.

Columnist, reporter? for the Daily Journal had some comments about me and a recent Letter to the Editor the Journal kindly printed on June 29.

The title of the piece was “Bring back dueling’’ and was intended to focus attention to the fact that it has become commonplace in politics, what is called objective reporting and the media to slander people, misrepresent and paint them in the worst possible light because you disagree with them, not because they are wrong or policies are bad.

Since the election of Donald Trump, it has become an obsession to “d--- the truth and slander forward.”

Here goes my defense of myself and a pointing out Mr. Giuliani’s misrepresentations.

The example of Eric Trump, the president’s son, being spat upon by a Chicago bar server.

He said the incident wasn’t representative of the broader opposition to the president. He missed all the Republicans who have been harassed when dining, refused service, told they were not welcome in establishments and generally ill-treated. What about Rep. Maxine Waters and her declaration that the supporters of the president should be harassed publicly and told they are not welcome here?

That’s normal, mainstream activity?

He then mentioned me as seemingly embracing violence in a letter. 1. Dueling is no longer legal and 2. The objects of challenge would have the opportunity to take back their lies and innuendos. 3. I also mentioned in the letter that we should have stronger tort laws against libel and slander to give victims the chance to recoup their reputations and make slanderers more cautious.

He said I wasn’t representative of most Trump supporters — How does he divine this? Why is he to be credited with the wisdom to take me out of context and then decide me a “fringe” element?

For his information, I have, along with millions of others, supported Mr. Trump since about October 2015 and laid out the logical case for his election in Letters to the Editor printed across the nation and Facebook posts that were widely shared.

Fringe, I, along with others, supported his call to regulate immigration — legal and illegal — to prevent further harm to the citizens of the country along with the culture. (Speaking of culture, it used to be considered bad journalism to take people out of context and paint them as something they aren’t.)

Trump supporters broadly want the trade and tax policies, along with regulation elimination that he has instituted. Trump supporters want someone who stands up to those who demand culture be changed religiously and along patriotic lines to appease a small minority. Trump supporters want a strong military used to defend our country and deter aggression, not defend every other worthless government not willing to fight on its own around the world. We think that NATO and all our allies should pay for the defense they are getting, not be a bunch of layabouts taking handouts from us. Trump supporters don’t think climate change is happening and especially that the answer is for us to bankrupt ourselves while the rest of the world goes on it’s CO2 producing way.

Fringe, I don’t think so, and I could add and expand upon the trade policies, etc. energy policies, etc. that are making the Trump voters and detractors more prosperous.

“A reader called him to object to my concluding sentence,” which they, with no justification, said called “for violence to media and a number of politicians.” I did say people would think twice about lying about and smearing others if they had the possibility of a musket ball flying at them. I also said we should have tougher libel and slander laws to make them think twice also. What I said can only be construed as a threat by someone looking to be offended.

He said the letter “gleefully” raises the prospects of shooting politicians and reporters. It didn’t, and his comments in Saturday’s July 6 column amount to “yellow journalism.”

He then went onto state that what I was recommending is government action to control people and their comments. He had a little flight of fancy and shows that he inclines to be one of the lousy pretend journalists who have chosen sides today instead of objective reporting.

I had a feeling when he called me he was going to do something like this, and he didn’t disappoint.

Ron Hansen


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