Biggest problem? Not the illegitimate impeachment process, but the immortality that makes it possible.

Make no mistake, immorality is at the core of what the Democrats are trying to do under the cover of "protecting the Constitution."

This is an illegitimate attempt to wrest power from an administration whose leader, President Donald J. Trump, they cannot beat in fair and square open elections and debates.

The Ukrainian affair, sparked by a second or third party so called whistle blower who received or made up himself a fabricated version of what happened on a phone call, then collaborated with members of Rep. Adam Schiff's staff and probably the lying Schiff himself to get an investigation started into what is the president's prerogative, set and carry out foreign policy.

It isn't the legislative branches responsibility to decide foreign policy, it is the executive's.

That is why we elect a president, we don't appoint him, but because the "people" like his/her policies and principles and fairly elect them.

It is absolutely legitimate to investigate what Ukraine has admitted to already, interference in the 2016 election, not on the side of President Trump, but on the side of Hillary Clinton.

It is legitimate to have the Burisma/Hunter Biden affair investigated as it smells of the purchasing of influence through Vice President Biden.

We know that the vice president openly admitted to telling the Ukrainians, "fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma or you don't get the foreign aid."

Foreign aid is not given blindly to countries, saying "no strings" attached by any administration, nor should it be.

We are doing what is in our own interests and weeding corruption out of our government is in our own interest even it involves a presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

It's time we quit giving immorality and corruption a pass.

Without the rule of law, chaos, anarchy and eventually autocratic, dictatorial rule follows.

Democrats need to be told to win the White House, and defend House and Senate seats fairly on policy, not lawlessness.

Ron Hansen


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