At Aqua Illinois, we're committed to supporting our communities when they need it most - so, when COVID-19 hit, we established two top priorities: Maintaining uninterrupted water and wastewater services and providing financial assistance to as many families as possible.

For years, we've enabled customers to help neighbors in need by donating to our Aqua Aid program. Under the program, eligible customers apply for grants to pay down outstanding bill charges.

Perhaps it was the magnitude of these unprecedented times, or the fact that this pandemic has impacted many of the families we've grown to know over the years -- but, as we considered meaningful ways to show up for customers this year, we felt compelled to grow Aqua's capacity to help.

This year, we worked with state agencies and stakeholders to expand assistance to customers by developing a new COVID-19 Bill Payment Assistance Program. Administered through Aqua Aid, the program offered both grants and flexible payment arrangements for customers financially impacted by the pandemic.

We encouraged customers in need across all service territories to call and take advantage of this dedicated aid. We're proud to report that we issued nearly $800,000 in relief funds to thousands of customers across the state this year.

We're beyond grateful to serve our valued communities in such a big way. And, in the spirit of the season, Aqua Aid continues to offer payment plans and grants to eligible customers with help from caring neighbors. We encourage any customers experiencing hardship to call 877-987-2782 to learn more.

We know this past year has been uniquely challenging. Today and every day, we want our communities to know they can count on us to lend a hand as we move forward, together.

Craig Blanchette

President, Aqua Illinois