Distractions contribute to hundreds of vehicle crashes each year causing property damage, personal injury, even death. The Illinois Insurance Association and its member companies unite with local and state officials to bring attention to this pervasive issue during "Distracted Driving Awaren…

I know, President Biden, you will never read this article, but as a lifelong resident of the city of Kankakee, I’d like to voice my thoughts on the downward spiral of the city and nation over the last 50 years.

I live in the First Ward near Locust and Dearborn and have noticed two problems that we regularly encounter on a daily occurrence. The first problem is the need for a second set of stop signs. Since there has been an increase in the number of families with young children in my neighborhood m…

We have seen over the years the people standing outside the DMV in the rain, snow, sleet, fog, heat — all the elements, we're there. I just used the new DMV. I was appalled and disgusted to find out those people are still standing out in the cold, rain, fog — it was all there the day I was there.

For far too long (decades) when we heard “Pembroke” we have envisioned negative activity — misappropriation of government money, a lack of appropriate administration of tax dollars, a lack of audits performed and filed, and a community that continues to be steeped in poverty. Pembroke has be…

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