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Globally, one in three women experience physical or sexual violence mostly by an intimate partner. Violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, evidence has shown that all types of gender-based violence, particularly d…

Daily Journal Editorial Board

Daily Journal Editorial Board

I attended a senior fair hosted by the state’s attorney. He brought several countywide officials and a couple of county board members. It is a series of fairs targeted throughout the county. While the fair brought government to the people; it also brought some information that was not true.

The glitchy 2020 census could be costing Kankakee County a judge. With the no cash bail coming into effect in January and with the uncertainty of how it will impact the safety of our neighborhoods and streets, we can’t afford to lose any of our judicial staff.

I wanted to personally thank Andrew Wheeler for assisting Garden of Prayer Youth Center with getting high speed (fiber) internet services out on rural [Illinois Route] 114. Your Comcast representative connected us with Mediacom and made it happen without us having to pay hundreds of thousand…

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The people of Illinois have a long history of supporting everyday workers and the unions that they form collectively in their workplaces. I ask them to continue that support by voting for the Workers Rights Amendment this election. The amendment simply puts the rights to organize and collect…

Can not help but notice the response, or mostly lack of it, to the most pressing issues facing our country are decided by career politicians who are old white men (like me at 79). A few women, too.

It’s disappointing that a candidate for office would simply not answer basic questions from our local newspaper. There’s no excuse. This isn’t “fake news” — the Kankakee Daily Journal is asking questions informed voters need to know, and simply printing the candidates’ responses.

The proposed Amendment 1 should more appropriately be called the Secret Tax Hike, More Power for Union Bosses or No Job Left Behind, as more businesses exit Illinois rather than the Workers’ Rights Amendment as it is called in the slick advertising bombarding Illinois voters.

I encourage voters to support Kathy Salvi in the upcoming midterms for the U.S. Senate. As Sen. Tammy Duckworth continues to back the unnamed bureaucrats and unaccountable union bosses in our education system, Salvi wants to put parents back in the driver’s seat of their children’s education…

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