Once I used to think that every American was thankful for the same things: family, feasting, opportunity, privilege, rights and safety. Then, I grew up, learning that everyone’s gratitude is a result of different stimuli, mainly environment.

Not just annually, I’m thankful more and more each day. I want less and less. I prefer simple over spectacular. I appreciate people over presents. Thoughtfulness of over things. However, at times, I don’t know if I’m more thankful for all the days I have had or for each new day.

As each new day unfolds, it can be a struggle as the ugly side of humanity is exposed. And I seem to be able with each Thanksgiving, a little less dismissive. So, I question, is it good or bad to be able to detach from all the senselessness that is beyond my control but not beyond my comprehension? It seems almost selfish to be thankful for my state of being while so much human evil is all around me.

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