Meatless options for human consumption abound these days. Plant-based meats adorn grocery store ads and restaurant menus, even the fast-food kind.

Despite the expanded availability, America has not exactly welcomed this variation to our traditional fare of beef, pork and poultry. A Gallup poll conducted earlier this year indicates only 41 percent of of us have sampled these products. Among the younger, the figure is slightly higher, as 50 percent of those 50 and younger have given it a try.

At the same time, meatless meals are nothing new. They are part of well-rooted religious traditions, particularly among Roman Catholics. During the Great Depression, the idea of substituting fish for meat on a regular basis was widely promoted.

In the current age, the word “hybrid” has taken on a new meaning as it is applied to the way we get things done amid the coronavirus pandemic. But regardless of the era, humankind long has known overconsumption of meat has a variety of consequences, adverse health effects chief among them.

So, perhaps the time has come for all of us to apply a hybrid approach to our diets. Yes, genuine meat such as a succulent porterhouse steak can be included on occasion, but on other days, one of these meatless meals can suffice.

“Mikey” was the a fictional boy who appeared in a charming television commercial years ago. He was used by his older brothers as a guinea pig to determine if the foods served at their household tasted good. When presented with a bowl of Life cereal, Mikey gobbles it up and a brother declares, “He likes it!”

Who knows if you will respond like Mikey. But there’s only one way to find out. Buy a package of plant-based ground meat. Eat a meatless restaurant burger. If you end up being like Mikey, you will be better off for it.

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