Bradley Central Principal Mark Kohl noticed something as he delivered meals to schoolchildren confined to their homes by the restrictions enacted to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Several of the children were waiting for his arrival by anxiously peering out the window. They were undoubtedly eager to curb their hunger, but they were equally eager to see a familiar face and enjoy just a bit of human interaction.

“I think it’s a highlight of their morning to get to see their principals,’’ Kohl told reporter Stephanie Markham, of the Daily Journal.

It’s also an experience others, such as postal delivery personnel and newspaper carriers, have encountered during their rounds. The only difference is it’s usually an older person, often a shut-in, who is seeking a bit of human contact to break up the monotony of endless days spent between the same four walls.

This is something to keep in mind as one day of isolation runs into another. Companionship is one of the most basic human needs, and loneliness one of the most forlorn feelings we can endure.

Most of us can do something to remedy the situation. While direct contact is not advisable at the moment, the cellphones we carry provide a workable alternative. Place a call to a pent-up person you know. By utilizing any of the myriad of video chat options now available to us, you can even see the person’s face as you speak.

The traditional home phone provides an alternative for those who don’t possess a cellular device. If all else fails, you can visit the home of the shut-in and just look at them through the window the same way the Bradley Central students viewed their school leaders.

Stay at home doesn’t mean stay out of circulation. More than ever, it’s vital to stay connected. Please do your part.

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